Board of Directors

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Currently on our leadership team:

Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins, Illinois, victim advocate, whose sister Nancy Bishop Langert, brother in law Richard Langert, and unborn baby were murdered by a teen killer serving three life sentences.

Maggie Elvey, California, Victim Advocate retired, husband Ross Elvey was murdered by two teen killers now serving life. See Maggie in a news interview in California.

Daniel Horowitz, California, Attorney: murdered wife Pamela Vitale by teen killer serving life.

Bobbi Jamriska, Pennsylvania, had a pregnant sister Kristina Grill who was brutally murdered by the baby’s teenage father, now serving life. Bobbi now resides in North Carolina.

Dora Larson, Illinois, victim advocate, whose 10 year old daughter Vicki was brutally raped and murdered and buried in a corn field over 30 years ago by a then 15 year old, already repeat violent offender and parolee.

Phyllis Loya, California, Attorney, whose son was a law enforcement officer Larry Lasater murdered in the line of duty by a teen killer serving life. Phyllis is active in law enforcement relations.

Jody Robinson, Michigan, wife and mother, brother Jimmy Cotaling was murdered by teen killer and accomplice, now serving life.

Jim Sorenson, Michigan, whose son Daniel was murdered by a “juvenile lifer” and who has been a courageous voice in the Michigan legislature against efforts to free his son’s killer.

Nancy Whitmash, Missouri, saw her beloved husband Philip murdered by a teen killer who is now serving life.

Our members include over a hundred victim family members in over 20 states. We are grateful for the support among our members of the many in prosecution, law enforcement, and victims’ rights who have been our vital allies in recent years.