Email the National Organization of Victims of Juvenile Murderers at if there is no urgency to the reply time.

Urgent media or victim inquiries may call our President Jody Robinson at 248-736-1737, our Vice President Bobbi Jamriska at 412-953-8410, or Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins at 312-882-4584.

Those on a press deadline are encouraged to call us for fastest response.

However, we do ask those doing research on the issue of juvenile life sentences to read our website first. There is a lot of information here and we work hard to keep it current and make it a place that media and researchers (often students writing papers) who can get most of what they need.

It takes a lot of time to field a phone call from one researcher about us who hasn’t read the site and requires us to repeat information already answered on this site. Please respect our busy lives and read our website thoroughly first.