Speakers Bureau

Below is a list of murder victim family members whose loved ones were murdered by teenagers. All of these below have indicated a willing to speak publicly and to the news media about the crimes in their cases and about court rulings, state legislation, and public policy around the issue of teen killers.

President of NOVJM Jody Robinson  248-736-1737
Vice-President Bobbi Jamriska 412-953-8410
Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins 312-882-4584


Candy Cheatham daughter of Cole Cannon, the murder victim in the Miller v Alabma case before the US Supreme Court ccheat123@aol.com 256-565-5189

Mary Anne Rippey mrippey@firstsouthern.com


Marge Utley, mother of Laurie Troup, murder victim in Jackson v Hobbs case before US Supreme Court 870-762-5116


Dan Levey – contact Parents of Murdered Children, www.pomc.org or email leveydan@cox.net


NOVJM Past President – Daniel Horowitz, Attorney, California Horowitz@whiteCollar.US
Maggie Elvey, NOVJM Past President mlv442@yahoo.com
Phyllis Loya, Attorney, NOVJM Law Enforcement Relations phyllisloya@yahoo.com
Michelle Corby Bettencourt  209-495-4808


Gail Palone 303-898-4059
Dave Wohler policechief@idahospringsco.com


Jennifer Bishop Jenkins, 847-446-7073 JenniferBJenkins@aol.com
Dora Larson 815-514-4933 DoraLarson@live.com
Kevin Doyle Kevin@sadfund.org, 708-546-4932 and the Sheila Doyle Foundation
Ron Holt 773-577-3222
Priscilla Pulido 708-443-3353


Laura Shimek, 651-895-4929


Judy and Dennis Whittington DennisJu@bellsouth.net


Carmen and Jon Alenson CBAlenson@yahoo.com


Jody Robinson, no2ndchancesMI@aol.com   248-736-1737
James Sorenson 313-318-6647
Steve Babcock, 810-280-9635


Lynn and Travis Johnson (218)739-2072 re: Emily’s Law


Nancy Whitmarsh 573-443-7735


Darryl Romig (Philadelphia area) 610-791-7949, 484-866-2727
Bobbi Jamriska (Pittsburgh area)  412-760-4921
Ross and Dottie Moquin – rossanddottie@comcast.net   717-246-6776

Non-Victim Legal Expert Spokespeople:

Charles “Cully” Stimson Charles.Stimson@heritage.org 202-608-6178 Author of “Adult Time for Adult Crime”

David LaBahn, President of the Association of Prosecuting Attorneys www.apainc.org

Thomas McCarthy, author of NOVJL amicus brief before US Supreme Court http://www.wileyrein.com/ in 2012

Jack Park, author of NOVJM amicus brief to the US Supreme Court in 2015

Scott Burns, National District Attorney Association www.ndaa.org


NOVJM has victim family members willing to speak to the press and the legislatures in many states. CONTACT US for more information.