Ohio Offenders

Daniel Kovarbasich

Victim: Duane Hurley

Age at time of killing: 16

Crime location: North Ridgeville

Crime date: January 22, 2010

Killing method:  Stabbing

Motivation: Alleges Hurley sexually abused him

Convictions:  Voluntary manslaughter & aggravated assault

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Daniel Kovarbasich

Devonere Simmonds

Murder victims: Imran Ashgar, 34, & Quinten Prater, 22

Attempted murder victims: James Norvet, 21, & William Rudd, 39

Age at time of crimes: 17

Crime locations:  Central Ohio

Crime date: July 2013

Crimes:  Aggravated murder, spree-killing, attempted murder, aggravated robbery, & carjacking

Partners in crime: Nathaniel Brunner, Daniel Durham

Weapon: .22 cailber handgun & a shotgun

Murder method: Gunshots to the head

Murder motivation: Robbery

Convictions: Aggravated robbery, aggravated murder, attempted murder, weapon under disability, & murder

Sentence: Life without parole (LWOP) plus 48 years

Incarceration status: Ohio State Penitentiary

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Simmonds, 17, went on a massive violent crime spree involving robbery, carjacking, and murder in the summer of 2013. During the spree, he shot and killed Quinten Prater during a robbery. A couple days later, he shot and killed store clerk Imran Ashgar during another robbery. He also shot and injured James Norvet and William Rudd. The spree killer was sentenced to LWOP plus 48 years..


Eric Long

Victims: Keith Cobb and Scott Neblett, 25

Accomplices: Fonta Whipple, 26, & Jashawn Clark, 25,

Age at time of murders: 17

Crime date: March 18, 2009

Crime location: Sharonville, Ohio

Crimes: Double murder

Weapon: Firearm

Murder method: Gunshots

Convictions: Felonious assault, discharging a firearm near habitation/ school, aggravated murder, weapon under disability, carrying a concealed weapon, & assault

Sentence: Life without parole (LWOP) plus 19 years

Incarceration status: Lebanon Correctional Institution

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Summary of the crime

Whipple, Clark and Long got into an argument with Keith Cobb and Scott Neblett at Garage Bar & Grill in Sharonville, OH. They followed the victims and, as they were driving on I-75, emptied their guns into Cobb and Neblett’s car, causing it to veer off the highway and roll over. The victims died of gunshot wounds.


Gavon Ramsay

Victim: Margaret Douglas, 98

Age at time of murder: 17

Crime date: April 9, 2018

Crime location: Wadsworth, Ohio

Murder method: Strangulation

Murder motivation: Thrill & enjoyment

Convictions:  Aggravated murder, aggravated burglary, kidnapping, & abuse of a corpse

Sentence:  Life without parole (LWOP)

Incarceration status: Incarcerated at the Grafton Correctional Institution

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On April 9, 2018, Ramsay, 17, broke into Margaret’s Wadsworth, Ohio, home. He found the 98-year-old sleeping on the couch and took video of her. Ramsay, who had been writing about raping and murdering people for months, and who wanted to kill someone to see how it would feel, strangled Margaret to death. He then abused her dead body for over two hours, taking photographs and videos along the way. Several of the photographs Ramsay took were of a sexual nature. Ramsay then stuffed her body in a closet and left her there.

Ramsay was sentenced to life without parole. He appealed and his sentence was upheld.


Jacob LaRosa

Victim: Marie Belcastro, 94

Age at time of murder: 15

Crime location: Niles, Ohio

Crime date: March 31, 2015

Crimes: Aggravated murder, attempted rape, aggravated robbery, home invasion, & aggravated burglary

Weapon: Heavy metal flashlight

Murder method: Beating to death

Convictions: Aggravated murder, aggravated burglary, aggravated robbery, & attempted rape

Sentence: Life without parole (LWOP)

Incarceration status: Incarcerated at the Marion Correctional Institution

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Obituary for Marie R. Belcastro


LaRosa invaded 94-year-old Marie’s home, attempted to rape her, and beat her to death with a heavy metal flashlight. The beating Marie endured was so severe that her eyes ruptured and the top of her skull was crushed. LaRosa was a highly disturbed teen, and showed no remorse for the evil crime, even bragging to other inmates about it. He was sentenced to LWOP and his sentence was upheld.


Jordan Stewart

Victim: Jane Juergens, 55

Age at time of murder:  16

Crime location: Westerville, Ohio

Crime date: October 20, 2013

Weapon: Knife

Murder method: 26 stab wounds

Convictions: Guilty plea to murder & tampering with evidence

Sentence: 18 years to life

Incarceration status: Incarcerated at the Madison Correctional Institution & has a parole hearing on September 2031

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Stewart attacked Jane as she jogged on a trail and stabbed her to death. Jane, the CEO of PeopleGen of Westerville, was stabbed over two dozen times.


Jordyn Wade

Victims: Tyajah Nelson, 18; Daniel Sharp, 26; Angela Harrison, 35; and Michael Ballour, 41. T.N., 16, survived. 

Crime location: Columbus, Ohio

Crime date: June 13, 2015

Age at time of murder: 16 & 11 months

Partner in crime: Robert Adams Jr., 28

Crimes: Quadruple murder, attempted murder, kidnapping, aggravated robbery, home invasion, & aggravated burglary

Weapon: Firearm

Murder method: Gunshots, mostly to the victims’ heads

Murder motivation: Robbery

Convictions: Aggravated burglary, aggravated robbery, kidnapping, aggravated murder, attempted murder, & weapon under disability

Sentence: 172 1/2 years to life

Incarceration status: Incarcerated at the Ross Correctional Institution and has a parole hearing scheduled for March 2144

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Summary of the crime

Wade participated in a quadruple murder along with one attempted murder during a home invasion robbery. Wade’s 28-year-old partner Robert Adams shot four victims to death and shot and wounded another victim. The survivor, a 16-year-old girl, was able to testify at trial. Wade was convicted and sentenced to life in prison with parole eligibility in 172 1/2 years. Though Wade was not the principal offender or the “trigger man” he had an active role in the massacre–Adams asked Wade, “should I off them all?” and Wade answered, “yes.” The butchering then began.


Joshua Wade

Victim: Titus Arnold, 23,  plus several survivors

Age at time of murder: 16

Crime date: April 13, 2005

Crime location: Springfield

Partner in crime: Jason Dean, 30

Weapon: .40 caliber handgun

Murder method: Shot to the head

Convictions: Complicity in murder, aggravated robbery, discharge if a forearm at a habitation/school, attempted murder, & aggravated murder

Sentence:  56 years to life

Incarceration status: Incarcerated at the Pickaway Correctional Institution & has a parole hearing in March 2061

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Wade and Dean went on a terrifying crime spree in the spring of 2005, which involved the robbery and murder of Titus, along with several other acts of violence. Wade is in prison for life while Dean is on death row.

Timeline of the Crime Spree

April 10. Dean attempted to rob two people in a mini mart parking lot. He shot one victim.

April 12. Dean and Wade fired shots at a home. A one-year-old girl and a pregnant woman were just centimetres away from being shot.

April 13. Titus left his job at a home for troubled youth just before midnight. Witnesses saw two men get out of a car, and chase Titus. They saw a man, who they recognized as Wade, shoot at Titus. He was robbed of $6.


T.J. Lane, Chardon High School Mass Shooter

Name: Thomas “T. J.” Lane III

Murder victims: Demetrius Hewlin, 16; Russell King, Jr, 17; and Daniel Parmertor, 16

Other victims: Joy Rickers, 18; Nate Mueller, 16; and Nick Walczak, 17 (paralyzed)

Age at time of murder: 17

Crime date: February 27, 2012

Crime location: Chardon, Ohio

Crimes: Mass shooting, triple murder, attempted murder, & felonious assault

Weapon: .22-caliber semiautomatic Ruger handgun

Murder method: Gunshots to the victims’ heads

Convictions: Guilty pleas to aggravated murder, attempted aggravated murder, felonious assault, & assault

Sentence: Life without parole (LWOP)

Incarceration status: Incarcerated at the Warren Correctional Institution

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Chardon High School shooter T.J. Lane sentenced to life without ...
Lane wore a shirt that read “KILLER” at his sentencing hearing
Ohio dad dies exactly 2 years after son was killed in school ...


Lane committed an infamous mass shooting at Chardon High School. He shot six students, killing three. He plead guilty and was sentenced to LWOP. Lane has shown no remorse, wearing a shirt reading “KILLER” to his sentencing hearing. The victims were all teenage high school students.