Tayde Vasquez




From the victim’s sister’s online comments to this news article: http://informant.kalwnews.org/2011/09/underage-and-behind-bars/

Hi my name is Sarah Vasquez, I am Tayde’s Vasquez sister, and I just found out about your article on Elizabeth Lozano and her family. Yet you say nothing about Tayde’s family. It’s as if my sister has no voice in all of this…..well I’m here to tell you that she does. Not all that is written about Elizabeth is true. I know for a fact how she sent her first few years in prison. I was in prison with her for four years. Want to know the truth? Here’s some, my sister was only 13 years old. She will never get out of that coffin Elizabeth and Steven put her in. She will never be a mother. I will never get to see  my sister and hold her. Let alone tell her that I love her. Elizabeth Lozano is a mother. Her family does get to see her. Her family is able to hug her and tell her I love you. They get to visit her on weekends. If I want to visit my sister I have to go to her grave site. How is that fair?