Cassie Stoddart


Cassie was murdered in Pocatello, Idaho in September 2006 by two “friends” while she was housesitting.  

“She’d be 20 years old. She’d probably be in college, and I don’t get to see any of that. It’s gone. It was taken away. Pulled out right from, I didn’t even get to say goodbye to her,” said Anna Stoddart, Cassie’s mother. Anna Stoddart said she always have a void in her home and her family since her daughter was killed by two classmates who called her their friend.  

The Stoddart family agreed to cooperate with an MSNBC documentary called “In Coldest Blood” about the crime in order to make sure sure that Cassie’s story was told and that no one else would ever have to endure what they have had to go through.

“She’d be 20 years old. She’d probably be in college, and I don’t get to see any of that. It’s gone. It was taken away. Pulled out right from, I didn’t even get to say goodbye to her,” said Anna Stoddart, Cassie’s mother.

Learn more about the MSNBC Documentary about Cassie’s murder at the hands of two teen male classmates, “In Coldest Blood.”

6 Responses to Cassie Stoddart

  1. Bonnie Russell says:

    I am so very sorry for your loss.

  2. Marvin Loper says:

    As for what I saw on the home video the two boys made. They both need to be locked in a cell with the door welded shut, and then left behind.

    • Gmoney says:

      Those two sickos were gone…they should have been hanged…completely demon possesed or someting. This shows how evil …people can get, there are no limits…for evil within the dead soul.

  3. Klp56 says:

    I can’t even wrap my mind around the horrifying evil lurking inside these average looking teen boys. It is so disturbing. They just wanted to kill, and kill someone they know and pretend to be a friend to. Truly frightening.

  4. Kappyd says:

    I saw this (In The Coldest Blood) last night (Jan. 8, 2012) and I still “can’t wrap my mind around” it (the murders and the murderers) either, Klp56. The one comment that really struck me and one that the detectives didn’t even address was the one that one of the boys made regarding killing students at the school for their next “assignment. I’m not sure if this is a direct quote, but I’m going to put in in parentheses none the less (because I like them!): “That will really rack up our kill total”. This hit me so hard because that is the terminology of someone engaged in a competitive video game. Perhaps this video game age has created for some, a virtual reality that transcends “real” reality. I’d be very curious to see what these boys got into on their computers or what type of video games they played. This is not a new topic at all, but one that still needs to be addressed. We just sort of dropped the ball and stopped examining the effects of violence in video games and how it affects the mind. I would also like to know (and I don’t care who gets offended by this one) what role, if any, Christianity played in these boy’s lives. Did they attend a church or have any belief system in play regarding God and life and the value thereof? When two seemingly normal, and even blessed beyond the average teen end up thinking this way, naturally myself and many like others are not only saddened and sickened, but haunted by this great big WHY that is still looming out there waiting, begging to be answered.

  5. Cassie’s murderers should get the death penalty. Klebold and Harris,had they lived,should have gotten the death penalty. These weren’t misguided little children; they were cold,calculating killers. If they’re that psychotic as teenagers, they’ll only get worse as they get older,particularly in prison. There’s absolutely NOTHING “correctional” about prison. It doesn’t “correct” anything.Give ’em the chair,the gas chamber,whatever. And,yes,if my son were that deranged, I wouldn’t want him to go on suffering,being tortured by sadistic thoughts and twisted fantasies. If my son coldly devised a plan to kill someone, or a group of people,and then carried it out,and then spoke about it as if he’d gotten caught smoking a joint in the bathroom, he would have to be put to death. I’d deal with it,recognize it as the only possible option to end the suffering of everyone involved,and to eliminate the risk of his getting out and doing this again to some other innocent person. I would be devastated,crushed and grief-stricken for the rest of my days; but I would know deep in my heart it had to be done.

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