Shavanna McCann

Name: Shavanna McCann

Murderer: Johnny Freeman, 17

Victim:  Shavanna McCann, five

Crime date: June 10, 1985

Location: Chicago

Summary of the crime

Johnny Freeman raped McCann before throwing her out the 14th floor window of an apartment complex.


Freeman, who was three months away from his 18th birthday, enticed Shavanna with candy and lured her to a vacant apartment on the 14th floor of the Henry Horner Homes apartment complex where he proceeded to rape her. After raping the five-year-old, the assailant shoved her out the window. Shavanna managed to hold on to the edge of the window and screamed for her mother. Freeman shoved her a second time. This time, she wasn’t able to hold on to anything. The girl fell 14 stories and landed on the ground below. She was pronounced dead at the Cook County Hospital.

A jury convicted Freeman of aggravated kidnapping, criminal sexual assault, aggravated criminal sexual assault, and murder. He was sentenced to LWOP and is still in prison today.

Written by an NOVJM volunteer.