Shanda Sharer

Shanda Sharer

Watch the YouTube video part one and part two that tell about the grisley torture murder of young innocent 12 year old Shanda Sharer by teenage young women.

Some of Shanda’s friends have put up a wonderful blog that discusses all the many issues surrounding this horrific crime.

This description of how the investigation unfolded is particularly touching when it describes how law enforcement had to notify Shanda’s parents, who had filed a missing persons report, that they had found her mangled corpse.

The tale of this beautiful innocent 12 year old’s murder is unbearably brutal and includes descriptions such as: “The girls (the teen killers) kidnapped her at knife point. They made their way to an even more remote logging road, where Shanda was stripped, beaten, and finally stabbed and stuffed in the trunk. Tackett and Loveless told the others Shanda was dead, before driving to Tackett’s home. Over the next few hours, Shanda was repeatedly stabbed and beaten with a tire iron while still in the trunk at Tackett’s home, then taken to Lemon Road near the town of Madison, IN. On the way, the group stopped at a gas station and bought a 2 liter of Pepsi, drinking part of it and dumping the rest before refilling the bottle with gasoline. None of the girls attempted to get help for Shanda while at the gas station, or at any other opportunity during the abduction. Once they reached Lemon Road, they removed Shanda from the trunk, doused her with the gas, and burned her alive. Later that morning, two hunters found Shanda’s body, at first mistaking it for an inflatable sex doll that someone burned as a prank. Once they realized it was a human being, they called the police. ” She had been sexually violated, tortured, beaten, and then burned alive.

If ever there were a case that illustrates that there are evil people among us, even teenagers, this is the case. To Shanda’s family, our arms are around you.

The Dr. Phil Show featured this case and the victims family speaking through Dr. Phil to the offender. Read more.

7 Responses to Shanda Sharer

  1. FullMoonVideo says:

    The Dr. Phil Show had Shanda’s mother Jacque and sister Paije on Friday the 20th of May. Both women will face Shanda’s killer Hope Rippey on Monday May 23rd .

  2. FullMoonVideo says:

    Shanda Sharer would be 32 years old today had 4 older teens not thought it be fun to kidnap her and kill her…and her father would probably still be alive and a happy grandpa had not he withdrew into a life ending depression.

    • Car Fish says:

      3 older teens, not 4. Toni Lawrence did not participate willingly. She had set out to go to a concert, not to commit murder.

      (And btw, “had he not *withdrawn*…”)

  3. Beth Sowell says:

    We are filming a documentary titled “Charlie’s Scars” and it closely intersects with Melinda Loveless and Jacque Vaught, who both allowed us to interview them for the documentary. I think everyone will be amazed by the outcome. If you’re interested in seeing the documentary you can check out the status at

  4. Will says:

    The father wouldn’t be a happy grandpa since the daughter was into girls

  5. Brian10 says:

    shanda was a very pretty girl.

  6. DuEast says:

    “It amazes me & must provide some
    satisfaction to Shanda’s mother, that Melinda has dedicated her life in
    prison to helping those in need by training these dogs to become service
    dogs to better the lives of their recipients.” ~ Terri Graves Fe 14 FB..
    Well i just threw up in my mouth
    Pretty ballsy thing to say to a woman whose daughter was brutally slain at the hands of the “person.”
    Well i guess the fact that she’s nice to dogs anyway says something. >l<

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