Iowa Victims

Thank you for visiting the pages for the victims of those killed by teens, that we know about, in Iowa. Please contact us if you know of other such cases we should reach out to.

Pull the tab down above and names appear next to their state. Please feel free to leave supportive comments for the victims families at each page.

2 Responses to Iowa Victims

  1. My nephew, Jerry Pittman was murdered by 3 men, two of them were teens. Tomorrow October 6th, will be the 5th year anniversary. It’s such a tragic thing to go through. Our family will never be the same. My sister is not the same woman she used to be. I’ve grown to love the new Her. But, I miss the girl she used to be…

    • jbjenkins says:

      Our arms are around you – thank you SO much for getting in touch with us. Can we put up a victim memorial page for your nephew? Please send us his photo and a brief memorial story to

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