Trisha Babcock

Watch the many amazing tributes to this beautiful young Michigan woman Trisha Lynne Babcock. She was top ten in her class, raised by a devoted single father. She was only 24 when she became a robbery and murder victim.

Support the wonderful work this victim’s family is doing in her name.

She was murdered by a then 12 year old offender who was tried as a juvenile and will be released to the public on his 21st birthday, despite the fact of his guilt for a crime that had he been just a few months older could have earned him a life sentence.

Support this family at the Facebook page they have set up:!/groups/360677167311512/

The devastated Babcock family has all of our support as they cope with this unmitigated tragedy.

Especially important to note was the offender’s mother’s tearful admission that she should be held to blame for not parenting her son.

Steve Babcock on ISIS radio in Flint –


Steve interview with ISIS linked here.


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  1. Camille says:

    I am not sure why his mother’s comments were pointed out, as a mother myself I can raise my children to the best of my abilities but when they go into the world, there choices are there own. An for no minute am I dismissing this little boys actions or the hurt felt by the victims family, but I do agree with the sentence handed down by the judge. This little boy was given juvenile life and in that time if he is rehabilitated then he will be released, with hopes of being a productive member of society. I hope that he is able to se his journey to help other teens not make the devastating choices that he made.
    I find it interesting that so much commotion is made when young African American kids commit crimes but society doesn’t seem to have a real issue with a case like Zimmerman!

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