Elizabeth Olten

This is Elizabeth Olten in an undated photo provided by the Cole County, Missouri Sheriff’s Department. She was 9 years old when she left this earth at the hands of a juvenile murderer.

It all started on a Wednesday evening, when Elizabeth never came home after leaving a friend’s house on foot. The police were called after she never showed up. The family described her as shy, and that she was afraid of the dark. Their immediate reaction was that something bad had happened, and they were correct.

There are still many details to come in this case. The police were able to track the killer through ‘written evidence’ that has yet to be revealed.

On October 24th, 2009 a 15 year old was arrested as a suspect in the murder of this 9 year old girl. Under current law, the suspect will start out in the Juvenile system and if warranted, be moved to the adult system. The charges are First Degree Murder.

This 9 year old will never have another birthday, never see another day, and has family and loved ones who have to deal with that void every day. This 9 year old was taken from this earth by a 15 year old individual who is responsible for this tragedy.

Monday, October 26, 2009

15 Year old charged in murder
of missing Mo. girl www.privateofficer.com

ST. MARTINS, Mo. Oct 26 2009 (AP) – Juvenile authorities
said Saturday that a 15-year-old has been charged with first-degree murder for
the death of a 9-year-old central Missouri girl found in the woods two days
after she went missing.Police did not release the teen’s gender or name and provided few other details about the person suspected of killing Elizabeth Olten. Cole County Sheriff Greg White has said the teenage suspect is not related to Elizabeth but was acquainted with her and is from the same area just west of Jefferson City.

Several hundred people braved soaking rain and cold weather to search a heavily wooded area near Elizabeth’s home after she was reported missing Wednesday evening. Police found Elizabeth’s body Friday afternoon after the suspect led them to a wooded area several hundred yards from her St. Martins house, White said.

“We had been in that area – actually more than once. The body was very well concealed,” said White, who would not say whether police believed Elizabeth had been killed there.

Under Missouri law, children as young as 12 can be charged as adults with first-degree murder.  But the case must start in the juvenile court system while a hearing is held on whether to transfer it to an adult court. Juvenile court records generally are closed under Missouri law unless a judge grants an exception.

Cole County Juvenile Court Administrator Michael Couty said the suspect was in the custody of the juvenile justice system and would undergo a background and psychological check. Couty planned to request a hearing next week before a family court judge to determine whether the suspect should be tried as a juvenile or as an adult. That hearing would be closed to the public.

Police initially had said Elizabeth was last seen walking home from a neighbor’s house on Wednesday night. White said that timeline was developed through interviews.

But on Saturday, White declined to say whether police believed Elizabeth had started walking home when she encountered the suspect. He said many details could not be released to avoid risking the prosecution’s case and because the suspect is a juvenile.

An autopsy was being conducted Saturday to determine the time and cause of death.

Police would not say Saturday whether there had been a confession, nor would they describe the teen’s demeanor or offer more details about written documents that led them to the suspect. White also declined to say
whether calls had been made from Elizabeth’s cell phone, which was found “very, very close” to her.

Police narrowed the primary search area after tracing the phone’s general location, but the phone’s battery had died by Thursday morning.

The Olten family has received help since Elizabeth’s disappearance from Missouri Missing, a group that highlights missing-person cases and provides emergency aid to families. Group spokeswoman Ra’Vae Edwards relayed a request for comment Saturday to Elizabeth’s family.

“They don’t have anything to say right now other than they’re working on arrangements for the funeral,” Edwards said, “And they wanted to thank the community for their support and prayers.”

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Elizabeth Kay Olten (1999-2009) - Find A Grave Memorial

On October 21, 2009, in Saint Martins, Missouri, 15-year-old Alyssa Bustamante sent her sister Emma to get their nine-year-old neighbor Elizabeth Olten and then sent Emma away and lured Elizabeth into the woods, telling her “I’ve got something really neat to show you. It’s just a little bit further up here.” But Bustamante, a highly disturbed and deranged young woman, was planning on doing far more evil than what she let on. Bustamante, who had previously threatened to kill a classmate and listed  “killing people” and “cutting” as interests on her YouTube page, had devised a plan to murder little Elizabeth. Like several other killers listed here, Bustamante wanted to feel the thrill of killing. She had previously told a friend “I just wonder what it would be like just to kill someone, see the life just drain out of someone. I wonder what it would feel like, that type of power, to take that away from someone.” And Bustamante did just that. She led the little girl to a grave she had dug at least five days earlier and then began to strangle her. She stabbed Elizabeth several times in the chest, slit her throat, and buried her in the grave.

Elizabeth Kay Olten

Elizabeth Kay Olten, 9, of Jefferson City, was welcomed into the arms of the angels on Wednesday, October 21, 2009. She was born December 15, 1999, in Jefferson City, a daughter of Patricia “Patty” (Carwile) Preiss and Dale Olten Sr. Elizabeth was currently a fourth grade student at Pioneer Trails Elementary School in Jefferson City. She was a lover of music, and some of her favorites included Hannah Montana and Taylor Swift. She loved horses, playing with her friends, and especially enjoyed baking cookies and doing puzzles with her Mom. She also loved to play dress-up with her animals.

Diary of a ‘thrill-kill’: Missouri teen Alyssa Bustamante murders neighbor girl, records event in journal

“She said she sent Emma, her sister, over to the Olten household to pick Elizabeth up,” said Rice. “From that point she claimed that she told Emma to go back home and that she took Elizabeth by the hand and walked her into the woods.”

It’s a quarter of a mile, a 15-minute walk into the woods, leaving plenty of time for Alyssa Bustamante to think about what she is doing and stop. But she continues on, holding the 9-year-old’s hand, saying:

“‘I’ve got something really neat to show you. It’s just a little bit further up here,'” Rice says, quoting Alyssa.

Unbeknownst to the little girl, Alyssa is armed with a kitchen knife and is leading her toward a pre-dug grave.

“Alyssa said once she arrived at the site of the hole that she began to strangle Elizabeth while she was facing her, that she strangled her multiple times and stabbed her in the chest, I believe six or seven times, and then cut her throat,” said Rice.

After her confession, Alyssa agrees to take Sgt. Rice to Elizabeth’s body. Rice took Crime Watch Daily along into the same woods, where he retraced and recalled that fateful day.

“She knew exactly where it was, led us directly to it,” said Rice. “It was not well-covered. Once she pointed out the area, and you looked a little bit closer, you could see that she was only a few inches, if that, under the ground, and you could see body parts that came up covered with mud. It’s a pretty horrifying homicide.”

The results of Elizabeth’s autopsy come in and they appear to mirror Alyssa’s diabolical diary entry. Investigators use a blue light to finally reveal her last entry on the day Elizabeth disappeared. It reads in part:

“This was very premeditated by the 15-year-old murderer because she had dug the grave holes at least five days in advance of the murder, and it was premeditated in the sense that she sent her sister down to get Elizabeth out of the house for the purpose of murdering her,” said prosecutor Mark Richardson.

Sadly, the signs of a troubled teen seemed to be there all along. Alyssa appeared to like hurting herself and others. On her Youtube page Alyssa lists under interests and hobbies: “killing people” and “cutting.” And in one video captured on a school bus, she threatens to shoot a classmate.

A week before she killed Elizabeth, Alyssa takes to her journal and writes: “If I don’t talk about it, I bottle it up, and when I explode someone’s gonna die.”

But perhaps the biggest warning sign appears at Alyssa’s own 15th birthday party. She is hanging out with her former best friend Jennifer when she says:

“‘I just wonder what it would be like just to kill someone, see the life just drain out of someone. I wonder what it would feel like, that type of power, to take that away from someone,'” reports Jennifer Meyer.