Montana Victims

Welcome to the section of the website on victims of teen killers in Montana. Please use the pull down tabs to find the individual pages for victims of teen killers in Montana. If there are any other cases we should know about, please contact us.

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Trying to see if the 1980s triple murder of two mothers and a sister by two teenage boys in Butte, Montana was here.

    • Rich says:

      Me Too!!!
      I forgot the exact year

    • Rjdav69 says:

      Searching for the same thing. The year of the Murders was 1986 or 1987 and I went to high school with the daughter who was slain though I didn’t know her (she was a year or two behind me). Gruesome stuff. It was reported that each boy had raped the mothers and daughter before the deaths, stuffed them under mattresses and fled to one of the boys’fathers in Idaho. He turned them over to Montana authorities and that’s about the last I heard of it since.

      • The year was 1984, the mothers had not been raped, the boys stole one of the mothers cars and where caught by cops about 100 miles aways, the reason I know this is one of the victims was my grandmother, I wish everyone would have facts before the are posted please…

        • Ralph Snart says:

          And I quote from the news story “The bodies – one mother wearing only a bra, the other with her panties pulled down to her knees, the sister wearing only a stocking – were concealed in the Gibson mobile home. One body was stuffed in a kitchen cabinet, one in a bedroom closet, and a third in a hollowed out mattress” That sounds like some one got frisky to me. You did say just the facts. Well , long after all the facts were released and the losers were set to be released this was the facts.

    • Rjdav69 says:

      I found it. boys were released at 21. Murders were actually in 1984 apparently. See the following link for details,3932580

      • NOVJL says:

        Thank you so much for sending us this case- we will make a victim memorial page for it. We are grateful – thanks for sending us any others like this.

  2. NOVJL says:

    We would welcome ANY such stories – we can’t possibly find them all across the nation, as we have no staff or funding – we are just volunteer victim family members. But if you could send us the story, we would love to post it here, and thanks for finding us! Please send us a link to the story.

  3. Damian Kidd says:

    it happened in 1983. No later than 1984. I went to school with the boys. Didn’t know them but the trailer where the murders occured was just a few blocks from where i lived then.

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