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Justine Ellen Winter

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16 Year Old Female In Montana Faces Double Murder Charge  Posted on February 2nd, 2011

16-year-old Justine Ellen Winter from Evergreen, Montana, decided it was time to kill herself over trouble with a boyfriend. After dropping him off, and sending him several texts, she drove left of center at the speed of 86 miles an hour, and hit another vehicle head on, hoping to kill herself. She collided with another vehicle, and she lived, while the other vehicle’s two occupants died. Killed were 35-year-old Erin Thompson and her 13-year-old son Caden Odell. She is facing 200 years in prison, or a life sentence. She sustained several injuries in the crash, including broken bones and internal injuries, but survived and has fully recovered from her injuries. Her text messages to her boyfriend, who she dropped off less than an hour before the crash, included the statements “Good Bye…My Last Words,” “And think this is now life or death. It shows you would rather me die because I want to kill myself. Good Bye” and “Because I wanted to kill myself. I wanted you out of my car so I could do what you told me I couldn’t. Because I lost you and it’s my fault.” A witness said he passed her vehicle shortly before the crash described her driving as erratic, but he said she had both hands on the steering wheel and did not appear distracted. She is currently on trial for a double homicide – charged as an adult.