Tennessee Offenders

Cyntoia Brown

Different descriptions from the killer and from law enforcement? Not surprising. See a sympathetic documentary portrait of this teen killer’s story. But 16 year old Cyntoia Brown murdered Real Estate Agent Johnny Allen reportedly “for the thrill of it”. Cyntoia_brown

One blogger involved with the making of the film says this, “Whether this was a sexual transaction gone awry between a 16-year-old girl desperate for money and scared of being killed or, as friends and family of the victim have claimed, the slaying of a good Samaritan, we will never know. . . What we know is Johnny Allen was found in his bed, naked and shot in the back of the head and 16 year old Brown was tried as an adult, convicted and facing life in prison. . .Cyntoia was fiery, sarcastic, smart and desperate for attention. The first time we scripted scenes that would be videotaped, Cyntoia made a point of informing the group that some day she would star in a movie–about her. Given her charismatic personality, there was little doubt this was true.”

The truth about this case is discussed in depth here. http://www.teenkillers.org/index.php/juvenile-lifers/specific-cases/cyntoia-brown/