Joseph Jones

Joseph Jones, 13, and his uncle and older friend gang-raped 10-year-old Tiffany Lang. Jones was present while the older offenders murdered the girl. He then helped move her body.

The Truth

“[Ten-year-old] Tiffany Long’s body was discovered under a heavy cloth in the backyard of 614 Lakeside Avenue. A TV cable was looped around her neck, and her shirt was stained with fecal matter. S.B.I. Crime Scene Specialist William Lemons found a pool of blood in the right front bedroom and drag marks in the house and on a path outside the house. He found a backpack purse by the back porch, later identified as Tiffany’s, which contained, among other things, church ‘bus bucks,’ candy, an earring, and a note which read ‘Dorthia loves Harold.’…
“Examination of Tiffany’s corpse showed that she had lacerations on her head, wounds from the back of her head down to her skull, and ligature marks around her neck, which indicated strangulation. Dr. John Butts, the Chief Medical Examiner of North Carolina and an expert in forensic pathology, determined that the cause of Tiffany’s death was ‘blows to the head that broke, cracked the skull, caused bruising and bleeding over the brain and within the brain.’ He also opined that the lacerations on Tiffany’s head were caused by a heavy object with a narrow edge. Additionally, Tiffany’s vagina and rectum showed signs of trauma….”

“On 21 October 1998, defendant was taken into police custody and interviewed in the presence of his aunt…. Defendant gave a statement, which was re-read to him sentence by sentence. Upon reviewing it, he signed it. In the statement, defendant said he brought Tiffany to 614 Lakeside Avenue after being requested to do so by Dorthia Bynum. Once there, he admitted to
placing his penis in Tiffany’s rectum and being present when Tiffany was hit on the head with the bed rail. He also stated that he helped drag Tiffany’s body outside and threw the bed rail over the fence in the backyard.”

“‘I’ve been in the legal field for 35 years now. Of those 35, in prosecution over 27 years, and I’ve dealt with quite a number of very brutal crimes,’ [Alamance County District Attorney Rob Johnson] said. ‘This one ranks right up there with the most brutal crimes that I’ve dealt with
in terms of violence and ugliness.’”

The Misrepresentation By Anti-JLWOP Activists

From the Equal Justice Initiative’s report Cruel and Unusual: Sentencing 13- and 14-Year-Old Children to Die in Prison, page 31.

“One afternoon, while 13-year-old Joseph, who is black, was riding his bike, his
uncle and an 18-year-old friend told him to invite home a white girl they knew from
the neighborhood. Thinking nothing of it, Joseph complied. When the older teens
began beating and sexually assaulting the girl, Joseph turned to run. His older and
bigger uncle forced him to participate. After Joseph left, the girl was killed by the older teens, who threatened Joseph not to tell anyone.”

Where did the EJI get the idea that Jones was forced to rape Tiffany? Its likely that they are only going off of what Jones told them.


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