Vanh, Phouvieng, and Nanci Thammavongsa

Phouvieng Thammavongsa and

Watch the moving YouTube video of the candlelight vigil for this beloved family, allegedly murdered by Modesto teens.

View news video of the suspects’ arrest, confirming the motive was robbery. Daughter Nanci originally placed on life support, was already being called a murder victim, as there is no brain activity and she is technically brain dead. Friends of the victims are calling for the death penalty for the 18 year old suspect.  The 55-year-old male victim, Vanh, who was the owner of the store, was pronounced dead at the scene, while his 49-year-old wife Phouvieng died later at a nearby hospital. Their 28-year-old developmentally disabled daughter, Nancy, was pronounced brain dead earlier this week and was taken off life support, Modesto Police Sgt. Rick Armendariz said.

More news coverage and news video footage available here.

The offenders were allegedly two teens who will be charged as adults and who with the 18 year old adult offender robbed the mini-mart run by the respected Laotian family.