Colorado Victims

Thank you for visiting the pages for the victims of those killed by teens, that we know about, in Colorado. Please contact us if you know of other such cases we should reach out to. Pull the tab down above and names appear next to their state. Please feel free to leave supportive comments for the victims families at each page.

Colorado is one of the only states to actually pass legislation into law to make changes in the JLWOP laws. The changes they made were acceptable to most victims we have talked to – that is, they were prospective only. They changed the law for all FUTURE cases but not for the current 45 or so JLWOP cases. For those current cases, they established a special clemency commission that resulted in several commutations by the Governor of cases were concerns for over-sentencing seem to be appropriate.

The Pendulum Foundation that pushes for reforms to the Juvenile Life Without Parole (JLWOP) sentence had always at least given lip service to their commitment to the victims of these crimes and their rights. Now they seem to have abandoned that commitment because they have taken up retroactive legislation, and without notifying all the affected families.

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  1. DimensionX says:

    Anyone know anything about a black teenager named David Lee who shot a white man who was walking home from work through a field in or near Colorado Springs, Colorado? Lee told a friend that the white man did an “Elvis Presley dance” when Lee shot him. The victim’s wife had a miscarriage from the shock of this, which of course was not allowed to be mentioned at trial. This was a long time ago, probably 20 years. There was a big outcry by some who wanted to “Free David Lee” because of his age. I’m trying to find out what happened. I hope he is still in prison! Or better yet, dead. I’ve been searching for months for info and can find nothing. Would be very appreciative of any info. Thank you.

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